Cardiff cyclist catches up with driver and gives him piece of her mind after cat call

06 Jun 2021 3 minutes Read
Nanw Beard’s video

A Cardiff cyclist chased down a man who cat called her and gave him a piece of her mind of camera, before uploading the confrontation to Instagram.

Nanw Beard said she wanted to draw attention to the harassment she had to put up with every day in Wales’ capital, and called on men to do more to challenge the behaviour by others.

She told Nation.Cymru that she was cycling down Penarth Road in Cardiff when the man pulled alongside her to tell her she “should have a health warning because your backside is going to cause an accident”.

She then rode after him to confront him on camera. “When I told him that was disgusting he drove away laughing. I later caught up with him and that’s the interaction that you see in the video,” she said.

“This was the second occasion of harassment I’d received that afternoon having had another man shout that he was going to ‘f*ck me in the arse’.

“I’ve got to the point where I’m so angry and fed up with the constant barrage of street harassment I face as a woman, especially while I’m alone.”

‘Challenge it’

Nanw Beard who is now 30 says that such harassment has been “the norm” for her since her early teens.

“It’s been a part of life I’ve just had to accept. However, reading stories of women choosing not to accept this anymore has made me feel empowered,” she said.

“This man had what I presume to be his son in the car. By setting this example he’s telling young men that this behaviour is ok.

“I couldn’t miss the opportunity to call the behaviour out. I was feeling vulnerable and intimidated following the previous encounter with the first man.

“However, I felt that if he was on camera, it was unlikely that he would get out of the car or harass me further.”

She says that when she accused the man of sexual harassment he tried to “gaslight” her and laughed.

“This made me question myself, but I know that this is a common tactic when such men are called out for their behaviour,” she said.

“In terms of how we stop this happening, I think that the responsibility lies principally with men. Challenge the behaviour when you see it on the street, in bars, in conversations at work or anywhere.

“By not speaking out, you’re enabling it.”

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6 days ago

big car, little willy.

5 days ago

How about a pic please ?

5 days ago

Why has his face and number plate been pixilated? Identify the pathetic little bar steward so that he can be humiliated in front of the whole world, nothing else works with misogynistic idiots like him.

1 day ago

It saddens me that my teenage daughter is growing up in a world full of such idiots. Well done Nanw for calling him out…

right now

lol how sad someone moans about a nice ar5e.

we need a pic tho!

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