Just one in 10 thinks Westminster ‘fit for the 21st century’ according to new poll

Westminster at sunset

Only one in 10 people in the UK think the Westminster Parliament “works well and is fit for the 21st century,” according to a ComRes poll published today.

The poll commissioned by the Sunday Express also shows that just 14% think Parliament is “sufficiently representative of the nation’s views” and just 12% feel Parliament “can be trusted to do right thing for country”.

With don’t knows removed, 73% of those who wished to stay in the EU said Parliament was in desperate need of reform, with 85% of Leavers agreeing.

The poll comes two days after a YouGov poll showed that 31% of people in Wales would vote for Welsh independence from Westminster, rising to 41% if it meant Wales stayed in the EU.

“To say that Parliament is in desperate need of an overhaul is a gross understatement,” said ComRes’s chairman Andrew Hawkins.

“Just seven percent, or one in 14, British adults think that ‘Parliament works well and is fit for the 21st Century’.

“It is no exaggeration to describe the public mood towards Parliament as being at crisis point.

“Views towards Parliament have grown progressively more negative since 2016, driven initially by Leave voters frustrated at what they feared were attempts by Remain-supporting MPs to frustrate the referendum result.

“However, Remain voters have now turned hostile, to the point where the vast majority feel that Parliament is not putting Britain in a good light internationally, that it is not representative of the nation’s views and is putting political point-scoring before the interests of the country.

“No other institution could survive being as unpopular with the public but, from John Bercow’s unapologetic defence of Parliament last week, there seems little scope of significant change during this parliament.”

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