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Support for Welsh independence ‘risen massively’ as UK ‘utterly disunited’ says Telegraph columnist

07 Sep 2021 3 minute read
Suzanne Moore on Novara Media (CC BY 3.0).

Support for Welsh independence has “risen massively” while England is “scared of its own shadow” and the UK “utterly disunited”, a Telegraph columnist has said.

English journalist Suzanne Moore wrote the column in support of Booker-prize winning author Hilary Mantel, who was criticised over the weekend for saying that she hoped to leave England and move to the Republic of Ireland, and become “European again”.

In her column, Suzanne Moore said that Hilary Mantel “speaks truth to power” and was right that the UK was breaking up as a result of Westminster’s actions.

“She [Mantel] does not see the Union lasting, and surely, the utter carelessness with which Westminster treats the other parts of the UK will precipitate this,” she writes.

Suzanne Moore adds that England’s soft power was diminishing, “a formerly colonising nation has to convince itself it is successful while its shelves are bare”.

“It is a work that the Tories seek to own as it slips through their hands and the Left is mostly afraid to take on. England is scared of its own shadow,” she writes.

“Meanwhile, Covid has shown us that Scotland does things differently, and support for Welsh independence has risen massively over its stricter handling of pandemic rules. We saw, too, the power of the northern mayors.

“A leader who boasts of global Britain presides over an utterly disunited kingdom.”


Suzanne Moore’s column comes after Hilary Mantel described the United Kingdom as “an artificial and precarious construct. It’s not holy, and it’s not even old”.

“As a child I learned nothing about the history of other parts of these islands,” she told Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper.

“Wales and Scotland were only mentioned when the English were fighting battles there; they were destined to be conquered, and added on to the more important territory, their complex histories dwindling into childish narratives consumed by tourists.

“I have always been alive to the way that the word ‘England’ is used to include the other nations, a habit that says everything about underlying attitudes.”

Turning to present-day events, she said that she was “ashamed” of Brexit Britain.

“We see the ugly face of contemporary Britain in the people on the beaches abusing exhausted refugees even as they scramble to the shore. It makes one ashamed,” she added.

“And ashamed, of course, to be living in the nation that elected this government, and allows itself to be led by it.

“Our present government sends mixed signals – boasting of ‘global Britain’, while at the same time diminishing the country’s standing by cutting foreign aid, as if this was a broken little country that couldn’t afford to keep its promises.”

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Shan Morgain
2 years ago

Very much agree. When I cane to Wales 35 years ago I was shocked to discover how ignorant I was about its history and modern society. Yet I was a highly educated person. I began a PhD 7 years ago on the Mabinogi and had a big struggle with understanding mediaeval Wales. Fascinating stuff but I had to start from 99% ignorance. My supervisor shocked me also saying that I was no different to Welsh people of my age in my ignorance. Thank heavens it’s changed for young Welsh people. I like the name of the newer bridge, clever –… Read more »

2 years ago

Suzanne Moore must have an alternative source of income because she will lose her paycheck at the Telegraph if she keeps on churning out stuff that rag would regard as seditious ! If this is a small flicker of a new light at the Telegraph or any of the supremacist Brit rags then it is to be welcomed. The truth has been evident for a long time – Bliar, Brown, Cameron, May and Boris are a succession of fantasists who think they are big players when most of the rest of the world are having a laff. Now the hard… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  hdavies15

She was pushed out from the Guardian.

Mathew Rees
Mathew Rees
2 years ago
Reply to  Welbru

For saying that men can’t be women. She’s awesome.

j humphrys
j humphrys
2 years ago

PR would save England. Too many frauds getting to Westminster by FPTP.
But first must come an Alliance. Even so, for us, there is no other road but independence.

2 years ago

It’s high time for Cymru to fight the Saxon colonisers and become independent as it always deserved to be.

Ernie The Smallholder
Ernie The Smallholder
2 years ago

The USSR – once a worker’s state and defeating fascism in Europe. Economy held back by over centralisation. Propaganda before facts. Empty shelves in supermarkets.
Then the USSR breaks up.

The UK – once an imperialist empire. Political and economic power held icentralised in London. Propaganda before facts. Empty shelves in supermarket.
Then economically isolated through Brexit.

Guess what is coming ?

Y Cymro
Y Cymro
2 years ago

What, do the Torygraph prefer a Wales subservient & silent. Happy to see a once resource-rich nation slowly fester like an open wound so they can then poke fun at us in their pages quoting “Taffy” & “Boyos” to the home county elite.

Finally, we in Wales have awoken to the idea of independence. Of what’s possible with a free Wales, not inevitable.with a centrist United Kingdom. #YesCymru #Ymlaen #IndyWales #IndyCymru

Last edited 2 years ago by Y Cymro

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