From pirates to battles at Fishguard: New book tells the tale of Wales and the sea

The most comprehensive study of Wales’ maritime history ever commissioned, taking over a decade to research and produce, sees publication this week. Entitled Wales and the Sea: 10,000 years of Welsh Maritime History, the volume delves into every aspect of Wales’ connection with the sea, from earliest history to the present day: from archaeology […]

Review: Chwedlau’r Copa Coch – Yr Horwth

Ifan Morgan Jones It amazes me that there are so few original fantasy works available in Welsh, the language that produced the Mabinogi – tales that have inspired The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of the Thrones and, it seems, countless massive multiplayer online games in English, Korean […]

Short story: A Catch – 1976

Dawn Thomson Thunk, thunk, thud.  Debs brought the mallet down hard, again and again.  She couldn’t stop once she started.  Blood spattered across the melamine worktop polka-dotting the magnolia walls of the new kitchen extension.  Jaws clenched, eyes staring, her malice was fully focussed.  Damn Norman. Beaten, limp and lifeless, […]