Review: Dim Croeso ’69 – Gwrthsefyll yr Arwisgo

Jon Gower The 1969 Investiture of Charles Philip Arthur George as Prince of Wales was a seismic event in modern Welsh history, exposing or causing rifts in public opinion which sometimes widened into chasms.  As the title of this commendably level-head book explains, it examines the lack of welcome for […]

Review: John Jenkins: The Reluctant Revolutionary?

Jon Gower When Archbishop Makarios, the first leader of a newly independent Cyprus ordered the insurgents who had been fighting the British Army to come down from the island’s mountains the British authorities and the world media expected to see thousands of activists appear. But instead the Greek Cypriot guerrilla […]

Review: The South Westerlies

Jon Gower A good short story writer often stakes out a territory, makes a place her own. Think of Annie Proulx’s tales, set in stands of lodgepole pines and washed by the Fujicolor sunsets of Wyoming or Claire Keegan’s vivid evocations of the blue fields of her native County Wicklow. […]