Short story: Big ideas

Dawn Thomson I let us into my back garden, there was no-one home. ‘Where’s the pool?’ Jane asked. ‘Not built yet.’ I replied. Tina, who rarely said anything, looked on silently.  Her face was blank. ‘It won’t take long.  We just need to dig a hole and fill it up.’ […]

Short story: Tears and Sand

Kate Cleaver Vernon House Insane Asylum September 1876 “Stay,” the nurse says. I sit but why should I stay? What reason…? I feel my eyes fixing again. The carpet has such patterns that I can see. So many colours. Needs cleaning. The housekeeper is loud. Should be cleaned. We could […]

Short story: Possession

Wendy Holborow They are watching you, Theodore Wainwright the 3rd. They can see the love and anticipation in your eyes and in your demeanour, as you turn your smart new car, Jaguar, black and sleek, into the driveway through the security gates of your mansion; what need will you have […]

Short Story: Pink Stilettos

Elaine Canning Dolores Martínez had lived all her life in Madrid, though she hadn’t always lived on Calle Cervantes. That privilege came when she met and fell in love with a shy, handsome banker, Alfonso Sánchez. Alfonso began as a lowly employee at Madrid’s central branch of Santander, working assiduously […]