Short story: On The Rising Wind

Patti Webber It was a clear day. Three red kites were surfing the rushing air in a lazy circling, their mewing calls echoing among the Myddfai Mountains. Raptors hovering high, above where land and water meet, and giving notice of an inspired dyer, a cook and a curer of ills. […]

Review: The Last Climb – TV commissioners love a lot of “jeopardy” in a programme and this one had it in spades

Jon Gower The American singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega once described the skyscrapers of Manhattan as having an “irresistible verticality.” The term might well encapsulate the lure of mountains for Tremadog’s Eric Jones, a climber compulsively drawn to heights and challenge and the technical difficulty of constantly hitting peak performance as it […]

Short story: Glasshouse

Matthew G. Rees TOKAREV thought of the carp in the glasshouse and, as he lay on his pillow, he imagined them moving with great discipline in their pond in the dark. Glancing at his wife Lidiya, who was snoring softly beside him, he eased back the covers and stepped from […]

Short story: Chalk Moon

Elaine Canning  She ran. Down the stairs, dodging crushed cans strewn across the stained carpet, trying to block out the screams. Mum was having one of her ‘moments’, though it was much worse this time. Screeches more than screams, they were, scratch, scratching at Olwen’s ears until they bled. She […]