Bydd y Cymro yn dychwelyd yn fuan

Wyn Williams Mae’n bleser gallu cyhoeddi bod cais Cyfeillion y Cymro am arian cyhoeddus ar gyfer ail-lansio Y Cymro wedi bod yn lwyddiant. Bydd datganiad llawn i ddilyn ar y cyd gyda Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru. Mae’n braf cael blogio am hyn fan hyn gan fod y gwefan wedi bod yn […]

I didn’t bother learning Welsh at school – this is how we could change that for others

Bethan Phillips A lot has been written on this site about the Welsh language, particularly regarding the Welsh Government’s ambitious target of 1 million speakers by 2050. I thought I might be able to offer a different perspective – I don’t come from a Welshspeaking background and didn’t bother learning the language to a high standard at […]

Review: Tiger Bay

Rhiannon M. Williams, lecturer in Theatr and Drama at the University of South Wales The trouble with reviews is that readers tend to see them as gospel, and we forget that their stars aren’t, well, actual stars.  We forget that the reception of theatre is subjective and dependent on the […]