Why a Bendigeidfran bridge should span the Menai

 Benjiman L. Angwin Talk of bridges has dominated the political discourse in Wales over the past few years. As our politics has become increasingly polarised between the left and right, we have spoken of bridges that would allow us to compromise with each other. And then there’s the Second […]

There’s little point in Plaid Cymru members replacing Leanne Wood with Adam Price

Gwynoro Jones, former Labour MP for Carmarthen In a previous article I referred to differing aspects of the various parties’ leadership elections in Wales since November 2017. Certainly and maybe fittingly given their current, respective weak positions in the Welsh political discourse, the Welsh Lib-Dems and UKIP elections were both low profile […]

Why Adam Price is the man of the moment

John Osmond Plaid Cymru’s leadership election marks the most significant moment in Welsh politics since the 2011 referendum that turned the National Assembly into a Welsh Parliament. The most important moment before that was the referendum in 1997 which created the Assembly. And before that it was the miners’ strike […]

Why Alun Cairns’ ‘Western Powerhouse’ is a diversionary exercise designed to undermine Wales

Eurfyl ap Gwilym There was a muted response to the recent speech by the Secretary of State for Wales calling for the establishment of a ‘Western Powerhouse’ to facilitate stronger economic growth by promoting closer collaboration between the cities of the south of Wales and those in south-west England. Mr. Cairns claimed […]

Wales needs an urgent national conversation about what it want from its land post-Brexit

Rebecca Williams, Country Land and Business Association (CLA) Welsh land matters. These words open the recently-launched Welsh Government Consultation about the future support mechanisms for farmers and foresters in the post Brexit era. This proposes details and schemes of how we can support farmers and foresters differently outside the confines […]

Every party needs to tackle the problem of antisemitism – not just Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour

Nathan Abrams Mae modd darllen yr erthygl yn Gymraeg yma. This piece was originally published by O’r Pedwar Gwynt. Do I think Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite? No. Does he present an existential threat to UK’s Jews? No. Is Labour’s manifesto anti-Jewish? No. Do I think he has an Israel problem? Yes. But this is not antisemitic. […]