The people of Wales can see Brexit is not to their benefit

This article originally appeared in The Sunday Times on 19 August. Liz Saville Roberts MP is Plaid Cymru’s Leader in Westminster. Mistakes were made on both sides. Exaggerated claim was met with equally exaggerated counter-claim. We now find ourselves, however, on an ever-steeper incline, accelerating towards the abyss of Brexit. […]

Clothes don’t dehumanise Muslim women, people do

  Yasmin Begum In an effort to gain publicity for his increasingly irrelevant party, UKIP’s newly elected leader in the Assembly Gareth Bennett, celebrated his new role by launching a racist and sexist attack against Muslim women last week. Following on from Boris Johnson’s gendered Islamophobia, Bennett jumped on the […]

An open letter to my cousin Marcus Stead

Phil Stead Hello Marcus, we haven’t met in person but, as you know, we are related. Our Great-Grandfathers were brothers, who moved from Herefordshire together to mine coal in south Wales in 1901. We communicate occasionally on social media and share some common interests.  And like you, I’m a Cardiffian […]