Report predicts tough year ahead

The shadow of Brexit looms large over the Bevan Foundation’s forecast for Wales in 2019. The influential Welsh think tank notes in its latest State of Wales briefing that, with the UK set to depart the EU in just three months, the lack of clarity about the sort of Brexit […]

Plaid Cymru criticise broadband roll-out delay

Plaid Cymru has described delays to the government’s Superfast Cymru broadband roll-out programme as ‘unacceptable’ with some parts of Wales facing delays of up to two years for new connections to be installed. Phase 1of the scheme ended in late 2017and following delays in the tendering process the commencement of […]

Welsh Kurds on hunger strike after lawmaker’s imprisonment

Members of the Kurdish community in Wales are on hunger strike after a lawmaker of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) was arrested by the Turkish state. Leyla Güven went on hunger strike after her imprisonment and has been joined in her protest by many Kurds across Europe, including in Wales. Welsh […]

Conservative candidate under fire after calling ‘ethical’ curriculum ‘appalling’

A Welsh Conservative candidate has come under fire after calling the Welsh curriculum “appalling” – because it aimed to develop children as “ethical, informed citizens”. Ross England, the 2016 and 2021 Welsh Conservative candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan Assembly constituency, was responding to a statement from the Welsh Government. […]

More than half want more powers for Wales, poll shows

More than half of those who indicated a preference want Wales to have more powers, according to a poll by Sky Data and Cardiff University. Excluding don’t knows, 52% said that they wanted more powers for the Assembly or wanted Wales to become independent of the UK. Only 19% said that […]