The Ocean Film Festival UK – Review

Aaron Farrell Venue Cymru’s ground floor bustled with interested folks perusing all manner of stalls. Though unlike the foreign streets we’ve all sojourned in hope of purchasing a divine trinket to hang on our walls, these stalls were giving to the punters. Stickers, postcards, Marine Conservation Society strategy guides and […]

A Star Is Born – Film Review

  Aaron Farrell A festival headlining set introduces Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), a Country/Rock ’n’ Roll musician inflected with the meaty chords and funky dream beats of the likes of The Black Keys. He is clearly a titan of industry, revelling with his band, performing to the crowd and with […]

Blackkklansman – Film Review

  Aaron Farrell Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is Colorado Springs first black cop and just the catalyst to herald a daring new mission for the sleepy precinct. Infiltrating the KkK. After Ron strikes up telephone contact through a, ‘Do you believe in White supremacy’ newspaper ad, he enlists Flip […]

Forgotten fruit – The Welsh apple renaissance

Carwyn Graves One of our widely-recognised problems in Wales is that we don’t know how to tell our country’s story. Not to ourselves, nor to the world. As a result, parts of our story simply fade into the past, as if they never happened, and as if they didn’t have […]

Review – Adra by Simon Brooks

  Ifan Morgan Jones This isn’t so much a review of Simon Brooks’ new book, Adra: Byw yn y Gorllewin Cymraeg [Home: Living in the Welsh-language West] as a discussion of it. Because, as an intensly political book, there doesn’t seem to be much point in judging it as ‘good’ […]

The History of Madagascar, by David Griffiths – Review

Jon Gower The recent visit to west Wales by the former President of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomanana served to underline a long and much-cherished connection between the two countries. It was one of many celebrations of the work of missionaries from Ceredigion who visited the African island two hundred years ago, […]

Permanent base would allow Eisteddfod to visit Powys ‘on a regular cycle’ says Plaid Cymru report

A Plaid Cymru report recommended the purchase of a “permanent base” for both the National Eisteddfod and Urdd Eisteddfod in Powys. The base would allow the county to host the National Eisteddfod and Urdd Eisteddfod “on a regular cycle”. Plaid Cymru was, however, keen to clarify that the report included recommendations […]