Y Digymar Iolo Morganwg – Book Review

Ifan Morgan Jones Iolo Morganwg seems to be in vogue at the moment. This book, which offers a “new and exciting portrayal” of the laudanum-soaked polymath comes hot on the heels of two novels, I, Iolo, and Saith Cam Iolo, both released within the past four years. Not that the […]

Wildlife – Film Review

Aaron Farrell Wildlife is an earnest study of parenthood, childhood and how the coming-of-age and expectations of others never cease to exist. Following Joe (Ed Oxenbould on career-making form), a sweet, mild-mannered fourteen-year-old school, the audience witness the deconstruction of his parents marriage as wildfires close to the Canadian border […]

King Lear – Theatre Review

Aaron Farrell “It is my ideal that you can look in the audience’s eye and that they can look into yours,” preambles Sir Ian McKellen during the interviews and contextualisation of King Lear before the show. “I scream Brexit before every performance,” leers Sinead Cusack (Kent). Cusack acknowledging not only […]

Widows – Film Review

Aaron Farrell Opening with an explosive heist botched so terribly that no one escapes alive, Widows sets its stall right away. This isn’t your glamourous amusing Heist movie or your action-packed caper of a Heist movie, its one that deals with the aftermath of those concepts, fittingly and timely, having […]

The ghosts of Penrhyn Castle

Matthew Gurteen There are many haunted locations across the U.K but maybe none quite as chilling as Penrhyn Castle in Bangor, Wales. With around 100 recorded sightings on record and many more visitors experiencing strange occurrences daily, Penrhyn Castle makes for the perfect Halloween getaway. In this article, I will […]

First Man – Film Review

  First Man chronicles Neil Armstrong’s (Ryan Gosling) life as a pilot, an astronaut and, a grieving father. All building up to the Apollo 11 Moon landing on 24th July 1969. There is a delicacy on show within First Man. The picture is always showing the silent determination of Armstrong […]