The ghosts of Penrhyn Castle

Matthew Gurteen There are many haunted locations across the U.K but maybe none quite as chilling as Penrhyn Castle in Bangor, Wales. With around 100 recorded sightings on record and many more visitors experiencing strange occurrences daily, Penrhyn Castle makes for the perfect Halloween getaway. In this article, I will […]

First Man – Film Review

  First Man chronicles Neil Armstrong’s (Ryan Gosling) life as a pilot, an astronaut and, a grieving father. All building up to the Apollo 11 Moon landing on 24th July 1969. There is a delicacy on show within First Man. The picture is always showing the silent determination of Armstrong […]

The Ocean Film Festival UK – Review

Aaron Farrell Venue Cymru’s ground floor bustled with interested folks perusing all manner of stalls. Though unlike the foreign streets we’ve all sojourned in hope of purchasing a divine trinket to hang on our walls, these stalls were giving to the punters. Stickers, postcards, Marine Conservation Society strategy guides and […]

A Star Is Born – Film Review

  Aaron Farrell A festival headlining set introduces Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), a Country/Rock ’n’ Roll musician inflected with the meaty chords and funky dream beats of the likes of The Black Keys. He is clearly a titan of industry, revelling with his band, performing to the crowd and with […]

Blackkklansman – Film Review

  Aaron Farrell Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is Colorado Springs first black cop and just the catalyst to herald a daring new mission for the sleepy precinct. Infiltrating the KkK. After Ron strikes up telephone contact through a, ‘Do you believe in White supremacy’ newspaper ad, he enlists Flip […]

Forgotten fruit – The Welsh apple renaissance

Carwyn Graves One of our widely-recognised problems in Wales is that we don’t know how to tell our country’s story. Not to ourselves, nor to the world. As a result, parts of our story simply fade into the past, as if they never happened, and as if they didn’t have […]

Review – Adra by Simon Brooks

  Ifan Morgan Jones This isn’t so much a review of Simon Brooks’ new book, Adra: Byw yn y Gorllewin Cymraeg [Home: Living in the Welsh-language West] as a discussion of it. Because, as an intensly political book, there doesn’t seem to be much point in judging it as ‘good’ […]