Once again, Wales voted Labour, got Tory

  Ifan Morgan Jones Once again Wales went beyond the call of duty in ensuring that a Labour government was elected at Westminster. Contrary to the expectations that the Conservatives could take some seats such as Wrexham and Bridgend, it was Labour who over-ran the Vale of Clwyd, Gower and […]

Plaid Cymru: A few votes from disaster

Ifan Morgan Jones Plaid’s press office will attempt to spin last night’s General Election result as a positive one, and may well succeed in doing so. A disinterested British media will note that they kept all their seats, and added a new MP in Ceredigion’s Ben Lake. But the truth […]

Wales’ battlegrounds: Clwyd South

No. 33 on the Conservative’s target list, a victory here would suggest a healthy Tory majority. Aled McKenzie looks at how it could swing this time… Welsh people often like to describe their own region of the country as Wales in a microcosm, but in Clwyd South’s case this may […]

Wales’ battlegrounds: Ceredigion

Could an upset be on the cards for young Plaid Cymru candidate Ben Lake? Huw Williams senses that the Liberal Democrats will lose votes to both the Conservatives and Labour… If there is any certainty that can be expressed about politics in Ceredigion, it is that you never quite know […]